General terms and conditions

of Schloss Vollrads GmbH & Co. Besitz KG for events in our banquet rooms

1. General

These general terms and conditions apply to the renting of banquet rooms and to all associated hospitality.
The contents of this contract are based solely on our written order agreement and these conditions.
The reservation is only binding for both parties if the customer has signed the order agreement as solely responsible event organiser. It is based on our offer and contains the date of the event as well as the scope of our services. The contract will be valid after our written confirmation.
Additions, amendments and supplementary agreements of any kind need our explicit written confirmation to be legally binding.

2. Reservation option

After making a reservation, if no contract with regard to the rental of rooms according to item 1 is signed by the end of the cooling off period allowed to the client, we reserve the right to dispose of the said rooms in a different way.

3. Changes to reservations/cancellations

Changes to reservations or cancellations can be made without charge by the organiser in writing until 3 months before the event is due to start. If changes to reservations or cancellations reach us after this time, the organiser will still be required to make an advance payment of 25% of the expected revenue losses. If changes to reservations or cancellations are made within 4 weeks before the start of the event, the organiser will be required to make a payment of 50% of the expected revenue losses. If the room can still be re-rented, this will be credited to the organiser. For short-term inquiries, the dates of the change/cancellation period will be individually determined by us. In addition to the above, if a music event is cancelled, the cancellation fee of the musicians of 50% of their fee will be chargeable.

4. Changes to the numbers of participants

We need to know the number of participants, your menu selection, and the headline of the menu if required, at least 10 days before the event is due to start. If the number of participants is reduced within 4 days before the event, the unused place settings will be charged at 50% of the actual per capita revenues. If we are notified of changes on the day of the event itself, this charge will be 100%. You may not drop below a required and named minimum number of participants. We reserve the right to increase the amount invoiced to take into account additional costs if persons are added to the previously agreed number.

5. Payment

Our invoices are payable immediately and in full upon receipt. Offsetting by the organiser is only permissible against undisputed or legally established claims.

6. Duties of the organiser

The organiser is liable for payment for any food and drink which may have been ordered by the participants at an event. Our catering uses only the food and drink that we ourselves provide, unless subsidiary agreements have been made. Exceptions to this rule require our prior consent.

7. Decorative material

The use of decorative material and similar items requires our prior consent. All decorative material must comply with fire regulations. Unless we have advised otherwise, all decorative material provided by the organiser must be removed and picked up immediately after the end of the event, at 10:30am on the following day at the latest.

8. Liability of the organiser

The organiser is responsible for all damage or loss of equipment or furniture, which were caused during setting up or removal or during the event, without burden of proof.

9. Withdrawal

We reserve the right to withdraw from the contract if the provision of the service is impossible or unfeasible due to force majeure, fire, illness, industrial action, lack of power or similar reasons.

10. Liability

We shall only be liable for damage or loss of items brought by the organiser or participants as well as for other damages caused if we or our vicarious agents are guilty of gross negligence or malicious intent. Liability for mild negligence is, insofar legally permissible, excluded. It is definitely excluded in cases of indirect and consequential damages.

Terms and conditions for business and delivery

Weingutsverwaltung Schloss Vollrads KG

Our offers are non-binding. If on receipt of your order your wine is not available or available only in small amounts, we will suggest a wine of similar quality and price range as a replacement.

An order shall be considered accepted when you receive a written order confirmation or invoice. The invoice will be dispatched by mail/email as soon as the shipping company takes delivery of the goods, or the invoice will accompany the consignment.

Immediately after the order has been received, delivery shall be effected, preferably by forwarder. Should you like a different shipping method, please notify us. All potentially arising extra cost is to be borne by you. If you wish to collect the wine yourself, we would like to ask you to visit us between Mondays and Thursdays, 8.00am – 12.00pm and 1pm – 4pm, as well as Fridays between 8.00am and 12.00pm.

You will be reimbursed fully for any transport damage as we will only ship using certified safe packaging. To ensure proper settlement of claims, it is, however, necessary that you have the shipping company confirm the damage on the delivery note immediately upon delivery.

Complaints about the wine need to be made immediately, and 8 days from the date of delivery at the latest. The appearance of tartrate crystals in bottles is the result of natural processes. They do not damage the quality of the wine and do not, therefore, constitute grounds for complaint.

We ask for payment within 30 days of the invoice date. We grant a 2% discount if you pay within 10 days. In case of payment by direct debit, we grant a thirty-day payment period. In case of delayed payment, we charge 4% interest on account of delay over and above the current bank rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank. We also charge overdue fines of €3.00 per reminder.

We retain title to all goods until full payment of the purchase price has been received. The goods delivered are to be stored separate from other goods, so that they can immediately be identified as goods whose ownership is still reserved. Pledging or protective conveyance to third parties is not permissible. In case of imminent attachment, the customer undertakes to protest and to notify us immediately.

The place of fulfilment for shipment and payment as well as the place of jurisdiction for both parts is Rüdesheim/Rhein.

Complaint Procedure via Online Dispute Resolution (ODR):