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Schloss Vollrads. Wine. Good.

The residential tower of the Riesling wine estate Schloss Vollrads is visible from afar as it stands above the building complex and the vineyards. The Barons of Greiffenclau, old members of the nobility in Lorraine, began cultivating grapes and trading wine long ago. They lived in the tower for centuries.

Schloss Vollrads, one of the oldest wineries in Germany, is situated above Oestrich-Winkel in the Rheingau, attractively nestled in the midst of this cultivated landscape. Around it, hiking trails invite you to explore the region. A popular nature trail takes you through the Vollradser Wäldchen (Vollrads Woodlands) in the north, and following the idyllic Flötenweg (Recorder Lane) you can walk through the vineyards alongside Schloss Vollrads and around the whole estate. The name of this hiking trail derives from the Rheingauflöte, the typical wine bottle with long neck and faceting.

Today Schloss Vollrads is a modern, outward-looking winery. We gladly welcome visitors and guests who wish to take part in our life and our many events. In autumn, you can experience the hustle and bustle that marks harvest time. Presses, fermentation cellars and filling systems are located behind the doors of the farm buildings. Our wine store can be found in the Kutscherhaus (coach house), and the Gutsrestaurant (manor house restaurant) is situated in the Kavalierhaus (squire’s house) and the orangery. Alternatively, you can stop by on the courtyard patio during the summer weekends for Flammkuchen (tarte flambée) and a selection of our wines. Welcome to Riesling!


All’s well that ends with a glass of Riesling

What began over 800 years ago at Schloss Vollrads with the cultivation and sale of wine, has established a tradition which continues to this day in viticulture, cultural history and hospitality. Our long history has granted us a rich heritage, but also the obligation to continue this tradition responsibly.

We are proud that today Schloss Vollrads is a modern winery, which is also one of the oldest and, at the same time, one of the most beautiful. The combination of historic roots and a contemporary, humane approach make Schloss Vollrads a special place and our Riesling an extraordinary taste experience.

  • 1097The family tree of the family von Greiffenclau can be traced back until this date. Originally, they lived in the Graue Haus (Grey House) in Winkel, which is regarded as the oldest stone house in Germany.
  • 1211First sale of wine to the St. Viktor monastery in Mainz according to documentary evidence
  • 1330The residential tower is built on Roman foundations. For more than 300 years it would be the residence of the noble family von Greiffenclau.
  • 1650Extension of the estate through the construction of the Kavalierhaus (squire’s house)
  • 1684Construction of the manor house and the cellars for the winery
  • 1814Goethe visits Schloss Vollrads.
  • 1897Schloss Vollrads is founding member of the VDP – Verband Deutscher PrädikatsweingĂĽter (Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates).
  • 1907Extension of the manor house, redesign of the gardens
  • 1997The death of Erwein Count Matuschka-Greiffenclau severs the connection of family and winery.
  • 1999Schloss and winery are taken over by the Nassauische Sparkasse (banking group), which continues to run them as a historical unit.
  • 2001Schloss Vollrads is counted as one of the 100 best wineries in the world.
  • 2011800-year anniversary of wine sales at Schloss Vollrads

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Friends’ Association Schloss Vollrads

Because of its long history, Schloss Vollrads isn’t merely a winery. It is a cultural monument and, more importantly, it is an art-historical gem of the Rheingau, close to Wiesbaden. Preserving and maintaining such a heritage property is expensive, and streams of public funding have now slowed to a trickle.

That’s why we at the Friends’ Association consider ourselves fortunate that we have been able to accomplish much since we were founded in 2002. Through the support of our members we were able to repair the tower clock – an emblem of the long history of the Schloss. Together with the Deutsche Stiftung für Denkmalschutz (German Foundation for Monument Protection), we were able to restore the valuable golden wall covering of the leather wallpaper chamber, which dates back to the 17th century. We maintain the archive and library in order to make them available to the public bit by bit.

If you are excited about Schloss Vollrads wines, we would like to persuade you to support the maintenance of the art-historical treasures of Schloss Vollrads, too.

Deutsche Stiftung fĂĽr Denkmalschutz (German Foundation for Monument Protection) >

The committee members of the Friends’ Association of Schloss Vollrads are:

Frank Diefenbach, 1. chairperson
Bärbel Henrich-Bender, 2. chairperson
Myriam Zoi Weil, treasurer
Thomas Vogt, secretary


We’re doing a power of good

We would like to continue producing our Riesling in a close relationship with nature and with a good conscience in the future. That’s why we’re using clean energy: Our photovoltaic system produces around 120,000 kilowatt hours annually. Using this system, we avoid emitting more than 80 tons of CO2 every year.

We believe in the importance of acting holistically, as a healthy natural environment produces the best wines.